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Or "Alternate Character Interpretations Ahoy!"

What do we know about Lance? Well, he loves his cousin Leeza to the point of ditching his Marine career and breaking her out of prison for one thing, so loyalty to family is a big factor. He likes things that go "Boom!" He's built like, well, a Marine. Somewhere along the way he got into some rather criminal habits (given his ability to fake high tech ID's). He doesn't trust Teri much further than he can grab the kid's tail. Oh, and both his parents can be charitiably described as "big boned".

I strongly suspect our boy Lance didn't have a happy time when he went to school, given that his genetic destiny would seem to indicate that he should weigh about 50 kilos more than he does now. Taking all of that fat off, or even making sure he never got it on him, probably took a considerably effort. In fact, maybe one of the reasons he really doesn't care for Terinu all that much is that the boy's attitude (at first at least) is because the kid reminded him of all the bullies he to put up with in school before he finally changed all of his fat into muscle.

Just a thought.

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I would have to disagree with the fat kid idea.

Having served aboard a Hunt Class Minesweeper for the Royal British Navy for over 8 years, as a Naval Diver, I can say that the entry into this type of profession would not lend itself well to a kid that is typically bullied or lazy. I personally am big boned this does not describe me as fat but lends to my frame and the fact that I do not have the typical wedge shape normally thought off.

As lance comes from country stock this also tends to push away from the fat kid notion as country kids are often more active as is needed working on a farm.

Well that’s my 2 pence worth.

Quickly I am glad the comic is back up and running and am enjoying reading again it. also Ciandis and Shadow do you still play? Have not seen you since wrath when I left Vigilantes.