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Australian online science fiction adventure drama (sifi) web comic

Terinu is a science fiction adventure comic, done in black and white India ink in comic page format. It is the story of the title character, a fifteen-year-old alien boy, the last known member of a genetically engineered slave race, who is a pawn in a brewing galactic war.

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Melika in revamped vulpine military uniform.
Melika in revamped vulpine military uniform.
Melika modeling my latest version of vulpine military fashion.  I was aiming for something functional but with a classic romantic feel crossed with sci fi which would compliment the vulpine shape.  This is my final design which will appear in chapter 24.
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Diana on the 8/17/2012 wrote:
Chapter 24 so much reading ahead of me *Claps out loud*!

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