Terinu webcomic

Australian online science fiction adventure drama (sifi) web comic

Terinu is a science fiction adventure comic, done in black and white India ink in comic page format. It is the story of the title character, a fifteen-year-old alien boy, the last known member of a genetically engineered slave race, who is a pawn in a brewing galactic war.

Ru-Ofanius “Rufus” Brushtail

The son of Vulpine farmer nobility, Rufus is sociable, outgoing, and a born swashbuckler. Eschewing his family’s money and influence, he volunteered for the Vulpine fighter corps as a flight engineer, and eventually refurbished his own ship to make his way as a mercenary fighter pilot. Something of a ladies man, he has recently found himself attracted to Melika Softpaw, a Vulpine singer at Madame Cher’s Cabaret.

Of all the group, he’s the one that seems to get along with Terinu best, often drawing the boy aside to calm down after yet another argument with Lance.